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Cyber Security Early Warning Task Force

This task force tracks Priority #1 of the National Strategy — a national cyber security response system. The challenge is to improve the sharing, integrating and disseminating of information about vulnerabilities, threats and incidents among distributed information systems, at both the technological level and the organizational, human level. The goal is to build a system in which critical information is distributed in a timely way before an incident occurs.

Early Warning Contact Network (EWAN) Executive Summary (PDF)
Early Warning Contact Network (EWAN) Full Report (PDF)

National Crisis Coordination Center (NCCC) Executive Summary (PDF)
National Crisis Coordination Center (NCCC) Full Report (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


  • Guy Copeland, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); Vice President, IT-ISAC
  • Suzanne Gorman, SIAC; Chair, Financial Services ISAC
  • Rich Pethia, Carnegie Mellon University

Early Warning Contact Network Lead:

  • Doug Pearson, Indiana University

Initiatives Inventory Leads:

  • Victoria Stavridou-Coleman, System Design Laboratory, SRI International
  • Larry Kettlewell, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Kansas


  • Harris Miller, President, ITAA


  Dwayne Allain, The MITRE Corporation

Peter Allor, Internet Security Systems, Inc.

Scott Blanchette, Stanford University Medical Center

Patsy Boozer, SAIC

Mark Bruhn, Indiana University

John Carlson, BITS/Financial Services Roundtable

Rob Clyde, Symantec

Robert Cook, Sigaba

Aaron Davies-Morris, Preventsys

Chris Dixon, NASCIO

Sean Donelan, SBC Internet Services

Gerhard Eschelbeck, Qualys

Cristin Flynn, Bell South

J. Michael Gibbons, BearingPoint

Mark Johnson, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.

Jimmy Kuo, Network Associates Inc.

Larry Lunetta, ArcSight

Jerry Martin, SRA

Andy Palan, Accenture National Security Services

William Pelgrin, NYS Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure

Richard Pethia, Carnegie Mellon University

Daniel Ragsdale, U.S. Military Academy

Philip Reitinger, Microsoft

John Richardson, Intel Corporation

John Sabo, Computer Associates

Ken Silva, VeriSign

Albert Sisto, Phoenix Technologies

Stephen Squires, Hewlett Packard Company

John Stogoski, Sprint

Arthur Wong, Symantec Corporation