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Awareness for Home Users and Small Businesses

This task force works to regenerate the outreach initiated by the National Cyber Security Alliance, through such online programs as Stay Safe Online, and Cyber Citizen. Task force members have provided their perspectives on best practices in education and awareness and made suggestions for how a public/private national outreach awareness campaign can reach 50 million home users and small businesses within one year, using paid and earned media, ISP’s, security vendors, and other outlets.

Executive Summary (PDF)
Full Report (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Small Business Resource Center

Getting Started

Global Small Business Practices


  • Dan Caprio, Chief of Staff to Commissioner Orson Swindle, Federal Trade Commission
  • Ty Sagalow Worldwide Corporate Product Development, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer and DBG-Vice President, American International Group and COO, AIG eBusiness Risk Solutions
  • Howard Schmidt, Chief Information Security Officer, e-Bay

Working Group Chairs:

  • Small Business: Kai Tamara Hare, Chief Executive Officer, nuServe
  • Home Users: Tiffany Jones, Manager, Government Affairs Symantec Corp.
  • Small Businesses: Kai Tamara Hare, Chief Executive Officer nuServeSM
  • State and Local Government: Will Pelgrin, Director, Office of Cyberspace Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection, State of New York
  • Large Enterprises: Marc Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, Visonael
  • K-12 Schools and Higher Education: Jim Tiecher, Executive Director, Cyber Smart and Rodney Petersen, Policy Analyst and Security Task Force Coordinator, EDUCAUSE


  • Andrew Howell, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Vice President, Homeland Security
  • Scott Algeier, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Manager, Homeland Security Affairs


  Michael Allred , State of Utah

Blake Bishop, State of Florida

Lara Chamberlain, Lara, NFIB

Larry Clinton, Internet Security Alliance

Charles Curran, United States Internet Security
Providers Association

Tom Dailey, United States Internet Security
Providers Association

Chris Dixon, NASCIO

Sue Giatras, State of Utah

Bill Guidera, Microsoft

Michael Gusky, State of Louisiana

James Holt, Saber Security Solutions

Jay Hoyer, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce

Tracy Hulver, TruSecure

Doug Johnson, American Bankers Association

Tom Kellermann, The World Bank

Irene Kinoshita, Tysak

Jeff Klaben, Applied Materials

Barbara Laswell, CERT

Charlie Le Grand, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Charles Livingston, National Defense University

Dan Lohrmann, State of Michigan

Louis Malafarina, Public Intelligence
Dan McCall, Guardent

Stuart McKee, State of Washington

Tim McNulty, Carnegie Mellon University

Roberto Medrano, AirZip

Steven Miller, Mass Networks Education Partnership

Mel Mireles, State of Texas Department
of Information Resource

Krists Montie, State of New York, CSCIC

Margaret Morrissey , State of New York, CSCIC

David Peyton, National Association of Manufacturers

Lynne Pizzini, State of Montana

Debra Reiger, State of California

Joseph Richardson, U.S. Department of State

Lawrence Rogers, Software Engineering Institute

Mike Russo, State of Florida

Chris Seiberling, Mass Networks Education Partnership

Arnie Shimo, Lockheed Martin

Patty Strickland, State of Florida Information Technology

Dena Tsamitis, Carnegie Mellon CyLab & INI

Kenneth Watson, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Donald Wilborn, U.S. Secret Service

Vic Winkler, Sun Microsystems

Todd Wittbold, The MITRE Corporation